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• See Ridge Flashing Purchase & Install, We do not provide flashing.
-3" or 6" x 100 ft. Adhesive Roll Flashing (shown below) has 15 mil Butyl Adhesive (facing down) and Aluminum backing (that faces the sun). Make sure polycarbonate is securely fastened to structure with screws we sell. See tech & install data sheet. Sealants: When sealing from polycarbonate or aluminum to wood, masonry or steel best to use Big Stretch.
Gable install similar for purlin & girt or rafter & stud style framing.
• Trim Components-----Hardware-----See Frame & Install Guides in PDF Format.
• Frames with horizontal roof purlins or wall girts, see Layout & Load & Bending.
• Rafters & posts, see Layout & Load Support and blocking placement -
What about leaks, no Gaskets? - No Gaskets Needed! - See Why
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