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• Trim & Hdwr---See Frame & Install Guides in Adobe Acrobat.
• Frames with horizontal roof purlins or wall girts, see Load & Bending
 Outside of bldg. to center of 1st or last Base 48-1/2". Intermediates 48-3/4 - 49" on-center.
 Above dimensions same for Vertical Rafters & Studs.
 U-Profile: Lower edge roof sheets, top & bottom of walls, bottom gable end walls, around doors & fans.
 Screws for attaching Base to Frame & Cap to Base sent free when Base & Cap ordered.
 Screws for Corner, at top & bottom of poly and in body of sheet Purchased Separately.
See Position & Attach for mid-sheet attachment of roof & wall sheets.
Sheet must be Install with ribs vertical with ribs vertical on walls and with the slope on roof. -
 - .